Benjamin Wood

City Barrel Pizza + Patio

The Unsliced Course can be summed up in 3 words—Value, Value, Value. The key to Mike’s course is all of these tools are in your hands now. Also, Mike was there with us, showing us how to use it like he does. As we worked through each module, we started to see the value not only as business owners but also for the rest of the staff and the business as a whole.

We have new life and energy in our business. We’re pursuing a new level of excellence in all segments of our business.

When I signed up, our biggest challenges were getting our new location open and figuring out the right way to manipulate the system to better suit a currently operating business that needed to be fixed to handle our new menu concept. But we’ve realized changes and are streamlining our lives better in our other Brewpubs and Gastropubs, in addition to this new Pizza business being streamlined.

I love the different systems we implemented, all structured in a way that we can utilize for all our different brands, I love that.

We immediately got our money back and saw ROI just in the approach to budgeting. I’ve seen other spreadsheets in the past, but this approach to recipe builds and easy-to-use effective tools made so much sense so quickly.

We now have the necessary tools already built-in, making it easy to find out we were losing money. We’ve got some things we had got to tighten up and fix, and then go from there.

Additionally, the way we are realizing who our partners are now after learning Mike’s methodology for vendor relations, and that’s now set us up to springboard cost savings and peace of mind for how we interact with our whole vendor list, which I didn’t realize we would get out of a restaurant course.

The way we can now plan for future stores and budget is solid gold. For me, now having a whole set up for HR, perfect and plug and play for what we need to do next for training, onboarding, and determining not just how to get hires, but who is best to hire for each role now, that alone would have been worth it.

With all that said, being a part of a community, a real group of like-minded business owners who all have each other’s backs to dive deep and ask real questions has proved invaluable. Announcing wins and working through issues has been huge. The new relationships that develop as you partner with all of these other restaurant owners and other leaders, who are right there next to you in the trenches, pursuing their own great business and excellence, has been a welcome added benefit I didn’t anticipate.

This program has many different things, from marketing to budgets and even figuring out who you are as a business. The bottom line is this program enables you to take the necessary steps to define all aspects of your brand to allow the business to push further for years to come. This whole thing was a win for me; I’m glad we pulled the trigger, didn’t hesitate, and invested in leveling up our business life.

Christina Martin

Manizza's Pizza

MIKE IS THE BEST; I love this guy; thanks for sharing your wisdom and making restauranting not feel so hard. This is how I feel about what Mike has created, and I want whoever reads this to know that I’ve owned a bunch of concepts over the years and done all sorts of self-help, but nothing like this and Unsliced. It’s so approachable but still such a game-changer.

Before discovering Mike and all of the Unsliced Restaurant System, I felt like I was constantly navigating through a fog of financial BS. I hesitated to own my situation and relied too much on my accountant for numbers and not enough on delegating to my staff. Now my world has shifted from erratic weekly results to consistently hitting profitability. I recently achieved a record 13% profit margin in one week by boosting our catering services and keeping a tight rein on labor costs.

One of the most exciting outcomes for me has been the impact of the speed board concept, one of Mike’s systems, on my team. It’s ignited a new spirit of competition and enthusiasm. This tool has resulted in an otherwise decent but not exceptional team member, taking the entire team by storm and challenging ME (!!!!) to a pizza-making race. I’ll have to ruin his day when I smoke his time, but I appreciate the buy-in.

The transformation in my business management skills has been life-changing. For instance, right now, I’m taking a 6-day trip to Mexico (I am on a flight as I’m writing this), and I’m not sweating ONE SINGLE DETAIL because I now know how to delegate and manage a manager, and my processes are sound. For reference, I had to cancel a non-refundable family trip last February because the wheels fell off my restaurant three days before we took off.

I can’t thank Mike enough for not only creating this program, but also for sharing it to independent restaurant owners like us.

Gino Vaccaro

The Original Pinsaria

Mike Bausch’s UNSLICED program is an incredibly helpful AND practical system to significantly help any restauranteur. The course provides clear, fun, and easy-to-understand videos, practical written materials, immediately useful documents and forms, specific scripts for staff for every situation, and an extremely positive and supportive community.

We have been implementing the UNSLICED program and our business is significantly increasing our profits with each step we accomplish. The course was sourced from many years of successful real restaurant experience and offers genuine practical solutions and ways of helping us to identify and achieve our specific goals. Instead of wondering what we should do next, we now have an authentic, sequenced process of what tasks to do and how to complete them. The UNSLICED program assists us in developing helpful and supportive accountability, which has been a game changer in helping us achieve what we are setting out to accomplish.

I didn’t expect the information to be so concretely helpful and straightforward to execute. The step-by-step process of getting things done is sequenced in a very real-life, real-restaurant manner. I know this might sound over the top, but it is true: Mike is truly a genius, and his many years of experience have allowed him to really learn the best practices and processes, which he easily communicates to us. You end up learning what he learned, which allows us to know what works best and when. He is able to present the information in a very thorough and detailed while still being able to make us all laugh and enjoy the process. Dave, from the UNSLICED team, is also an incredible talent and support with a deep well of various experiences in the hospitality industry. He is right there with Mike, clarifying, helping, encouraging, and pushing us to excellence.

I could not give a higher recommendation for the UNSLICED Restaurant System Course. There are multiple ways the information is given by listening to the videos and Question and Answer sessions, reading thorough and clear written materials, and doing the work with accountability. We saw an immediate ROI from the course the second we used negotiation scripts with our vendors on items we had never thought to discuss. That happened immediately, like boom! In terms of indirect ROI, we’re connecting with our customers on a much more connected level, and our reviews reflect the change that has benefited us.

Connecting with Customers is increasing, and people are engaging with our brand and returning more often. We feel like we have a much better handle on all the many aspects of our restaurant and a clearly defined direction to go. We can’t thank you enough, Mike, and the entire UNSLICED team.

Joe Ledwidge

Ranger Joe's

The course is powerful. Simply stated, it’s truly powerful. There are so many tools to make our job and our business successful. As you get through each module, you start unpacking all these great tidbits and training tools, and it’s just something that was needed. For someone restarting in the business after growing up in it, this has been an invaluable course, and I look forward to how it will change our business. My family owned franchises, and I was happy to take a different path in law enforcement for 30 years, but coming back to the restaurant industry meant learning fast to make up for lost time.

The most significant change I’ve seen since the course has been a central focus on what I want to do and convey to my employees. We’re developing handouts in guidebooks, recipes, formulas, and P&Ls; you put it all together, and It’s like the cosmos of ideas out there, but now it’s refined, directed, and more focused. Even the employees are starting to jump on board with all these accountability sheets, and they really enjoy it. They see the benefit of having such a centralized focus now.

It’s helped me put a plan together, and getting a rock-solid and immediate ROI is well worth the investment. And I’ll continue to see that investment grow as the months and days go by as I continue to reinvest and implement all these different learning techniques I’ve learned in the course. The return on investment is definitely well worth it.

Also, the whole Unsliced community is striving for the same goal, and they’re committed to responding to different posts, helping out, and adding suggestions. You reacting to their posts, and they respond to yours, creating a centralized town hall meeting space for everybody to get together and interact. Everything in this program is super professionally done, modules are well laid out with great intros, and all the associated documents load properly, and you have them for your future.

We get so busy in the daily grind that finding time to create tools is foolish if you have someone who has worked their whole career to achieve these tools willing to share them with you., Somebody who has been in the game at a very high level as an actual owner for 20 years, yeah, that’s the guy I want to learn from, and I’m glad I did. My wife and I are able to operate at a much higher level because of Unsliced.

What stood out the most was the way Mike breaks down something overwhelming like numbers and makes it much easier to not only understand but act on. How and what metrics determine your monthly, weekly, and yearly financial success? I never had that info presented to me that way.

Also, learning how to identify our customer avatar. Identifying who our customers really are has helped to solidify who we are going after, how we attract, and how to draw that person into our business and make their experience amazing. That way, they’ll come back again and again and refer us to other customers. So much was gained from the course, and those two really stood out for our business.

I’ve had a few people ask me about Unsliced, and my answer has been, “You should do it yesterday.” I mean, it’s super valuable. You’re going to enjoy it, which I didn’t think I would end up saying, that the work would be fun, and your ROI will be tremendous, and it’s just going to really help focus.